Southern states prepare to reopen by Friday

Story by Austin Rewick, Staff Writer

A group of six southern Republican governors are coordinating the reopening of their states’ economies even as some health experts argue they have not reached the testing capacity required to do so safely.

Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee plan to reopen businesses in the coming days.

For example, some states are opening tattoo parlors, nail salons, and movie theaters. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp announced Monday that state’s “stay at home order” would be lifted on April 30, sparking criticism from local mayors. Georgia will allow gyms, bowling alleys, hair and nail salons, and massage therapists to reopen as soon as Friday, provided they follow health requirements and social distancing measures. Restaurants will be allowed to reopen with restrictions next Monday, although bars will remain closed until further notice. The governor admitted cases of the virus will likely see an uptick as businesses are allowed to reopen across the state.

I do not agree with all the states reopening. The reason why is because I feel like the cases will rise to a big extent, and the state will not be able to control it in time. Then the quarantine will last even longer and everyone in America will be upset.