Regal closing all theaters until further notice

Story by Austin Rewick, Staff Writer

Regal Cinemas shut down all their locations on Tuesday, March 17 as a precaution amid the current circumstances. All theaters will remain closed until further notice.

Regal is the second-biggest chain in the U.S. with 7,155 screens in 542 theaters in 42 states and is the first big chain out of the top three to close. Many cinemas have been largely deciding to close down in compliance with local ordinances, limiting capacity to either 50% per auditorium or like AMC, 50 people.

Why is this such a big deal you may ask? Because I will not have a job until further notice.

My feelings about this happening are mixed. I feel like it was a good thing to close down because if we stayed open longer than what we did. One of us workers would’ve probably gotten COVID-19.

There’s also a negative to this situation. Until further notice, I will not be getting paid. I feel like we should be getting paid during this epidemic. I know it sounds selfish but I believe that we should. Every Regal employee is unemployed and no pay, while other chains of movie theaters such as AMC and Harkins, even though they are also shut down, are still paying their employees. Regal Cinemas is even going back on their word they included in cast performance handbooks we received when hired that during a national disaster we would be paid during that time.

Regal, its time to pay your employees.