What Is All the Fuss About Junk and Java

Story by Carli LoPresto, Staff Writer

What even is Junk and Java? Junk and Java is a little hangout area for everyone of all ages to go to and chill out, sip some coffee eat some pastries. Java also supplies some card games like Uno and a giant checker/ chessboard so that you can sip your coffee, eat your pastries AND play games with friends.

Junk and Java has also expanded recently. I personally love the new side because it has a nice booth in the corner that you can fit up to 3 people in. There are new couches and chairs on the new side, there is a bar-like counter with high chairs. Java is a popular place to relax and do your homework. They have free wifi for computers and they also have outlets dispersed around the whole cafe.

They have an arrangement of sweets and baked goods from cookies to breakfast sandwiches. They have many different types of drinks and basically any coffee you can think of hot or cold. My personal favorite drink is the Mermaid Lemonade, lemonade with lavender with pea flower ice cubes. The pea flower releases antioxidants that help your body lower the risk of infections. The fan-favorite drink at Java is the Mountain Berry. It is a combination of iced tea and lemonade. You can also get flavor shots to add to them.

I personally go to Java a couple of times a month and love it. It is such a fun place to hang out with friends and the coffee and baked goods are to die for.