Childhood Vaccinations are Vital to Protecting Children Against Deadly Diseases

Story by Nicole Haberek, Staff Writer

Antivaxxers have been on the rise in the past few years in the United States. They believe that the vaccinations that children get to protect them against some of the most deadly diseases do more harm to them than good. However, all research has shown that getting your child vaccinated will only help protect them against these diseases.

Because of the advances in medical science, getting vaccines can save your child’s life. Diseases like measles and polio that once killed and injured thousands of people are now eliminated completely and are headed towards extinction. According to the CDC, giving your child all recommended vaccines by the age of two can protect them from 14 childhood diseases.

Though there are people that believe vaccinations are not safe, all vaccinations given have been under long and careful review by scientists, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. Getting vaccinations may cause discomfort to children but compared to the pain, trauma and everlasting effects of the diseases you could get without being vaccinated, it is worth it.

If your child is able to be fully vaccinated, it is highly recommended, especially for the safety of other children who might not physically be able to get vaccinated. Some children are allergic to certain vaccines or have weak immune systems that don’t allow them to get vaccines. By vaccinating your child, you are helping to stop the spread of diseases that could be fatal to other children.

There are many negatives effects to not vaccinating your child. Children who have not been vaccinated or who have had a disease that could have been prevented by vaccines can many times not be allowed to attend school or other childcare facilities. If your child gets a disease that could have been prevented by a vaccine, they could have long-term, maybe even lifetime consequences or death. Children can develop a prolonged disability, and parents can have a financial toll because of medical bills, lost time at work and paying for care for their child. 

Even though diseases that would have killed people years ago are protected by vaccines and the U.S. does not have nearly as many outbreaks as other countries, we are still in danger. Diseases like polio and measles are not in the U.S. because of vaccinations but they still exist in other countries around the world. Travelers who are affected can bring diseases here and infect people.

The stigma behind vaccinated your children needs to be shut down because more and more children are getting diseases like measles because of no vaccination. Vaccines are covered by insurance and there are many financial aid programs to help out families. Vaccinations cannot be denied to eligible children no matter their financial situation. 

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