How You Can Help with “Black Lives Matter”

Story by Emma DeLaRosa, Staff Writer/Co-Editor

Following the murder of George Floyd, nationwide protests and calls to action erupted in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. The anger spread throughout the nation like wildfire and can seem overwhelming, but there are multiple ways that people like you and me can show our support for the movement. 

One of the most active ways that people can support the movement is through protesting. All week there have been protests in Mystic that have had great turnouts. People bring signs, their friends, and make their voices heard. There will be even more protests in the upcoming weeks in other local towns, such as New London and Groton. While these are local protests, some people have taken the time to travel to one of the nearby bigger cities where the protests are more large-scale, such as West Haven, Boston, and Providence. While the bigger protests may have more safety risks, they are a huge demonstration of what the Black Lives Matter movement advocates for.

Another way that people can show their support is through making donations. There are several foundations and organizations that need financial support. These organizations often use this money for bail funds, research, financial support for families affected, and more. Some notable organizations include the Minnesota Freedom Fund, the ACLU, Reclaim the Block, and there are countless more. 

For those who cannot donate, it is also important to sign petitions. Many petitions call for justice for those victims of police brutality and for charges to be held against these officers. When petitions gain such large support, it puts pressure on authority to do the right thing. This website provides links to petitions, places to donate to, and other important resources regarding the current movement the world is going through:

It is important to remember that Black Lives Matter is not just some passing trend, even if the media attention dies down. It is necessary for everyone to do their part and to continue advocating for what is right in their everyday life.