The Coronavirus Takes Over the World And Puts Normal Life On Hold

Story by Emma DeLaRosa, Staff Writer/Co-Editor

The coronavirus has spread like wildfire around the globe with over 5,000 deaths and 138,000 cases worldwide. On Wednesday, it was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

Universities around the nation have responded by resorting to online classes and closing their campuses for extended periods of time, whether that means an extended spring break or closing for the rest of the semester. There are even high schools around the countries that have closed for indefinite amounts of time.

As for Stonington High School, the school will not be canceled until there is a case of coronavirus in the district. However, all events and activities that may have crowds larger than 100 people, including Honor Society inductions, field trips, evening school concerts, and more, will be canceled until at least April 20. If school is canceled, then we will be off for at least two weeks. Although Governor Ned Lamont waived the 180-day requirement for school, that would be we would have to exhaust all school days before June 30, meaning no April break.

The virus has even affected many famous figures and celebrities, such as Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, and Rudy Gobert. The Australian Minister for Home Affairs contracted the virus and met with Ivanka Trump last week. Sports at all levels (high school, collegiate, and professional) have either postponed or canceled games and seasons in response to the panic.

Globally, President Trump ordered a travel ban between the US and Europe for 30 days starting on Friday, March 13. The cases in Italy are especially severe and they have put the entire country on lockdown with 168 deaths in just one day and 463 in total. With such a sense of global panic, stores have sold out of hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and other necessities as people rush to the stores in anxiety.

As COVID-19 continues to spread, more measures will be taken and the public will continue to be updated.