Senior Eva Dale Illustrates Local Children’s Book for Senior Project


Story by Emma DeLaRosa, Staff Writer and Editor

Senior Eva Dale has a unique senior project in which she did the illustrations for a children’s book. She worked with Beth Turley, the author, and based the illustrations on her writing.

Beth Turley wrote a book called “Phantom’s Journey” based on Phantom, a local therapy dog who recently passed away. He was a Bernese Mountain dog who was loved in the community. He was so beloved because he was supposed to be a show dog, but “was not perfect enough,” which is also the theme of the story. The message of the story is that “nobody has to be perfect to make a difference.” 

Eva picked this to be her project because the people who came up with the idea needed an illustrator and she is very interested in doing something like this in the future. While Eva is not sure where she will be next year, she knows she wants to pursue a career in book illustration and graphic design.

When asked about her inspirations, Eva said, “I got a bunch of pictures of the dog and a packet about his life story and then based the sketches off of Beth’s draft.” At this point in the process, she is finished with the drawings, but she said, “Up next is coloring, which is going to take the longest.” 

All profits from this book will go to charity and the creators are even donating copies to local libraries, senior homes, and schools that Phantom often visited. If interested, people can back this project and donate to its funding. You can help them reach their goal of $6500 on