Stonington Board of Education State of the District Addresses Accomplishments of This Year

Story by Emma DeLaRosa, Staff Writer/Editor

At the Stonington Board of Education meeting on October 10, members addressed the State of the District among various other topics regarding Stonington Public Schools.

Superintendent Van Riley summarized the State of the District in a presentation that described this year as a “milestone” for Stonington Public Schools. This is due to the opening of the new Stonington Middle School, recognitions for the high school regarding an increased enrollment in AP classes while maintaining impressive scores and for more young women participating in STEM classes, among several other accomplishments.

According to Van Riley, there has been “amazing progress with the high school and we are continuing to move forward” and commends the high school for outstanding student performance.

In all schools in the district, K-12, there has been a lot of curriculum development, including the establishment of full-day kindergarten, and 27 encore classes at the middle school that pertain to students’ interests, such as Digital Photography, Music Production, and Biomedical Engineering. The purpose of encore classes is to provide students special learning opportunities.

In addition to the State of the District address, members of the board expressed their desire for a stronger emphasis on student participation in community service and for more policies that benefit military families.

Furthermore, the issue of EEE was addressed. The curfew has been moved to 5 p.m. and will be cleared when there are two days with a 28-degree temperature that lasts for at least two hours.