Senior Projects to be Presented on 5/31

Story by Ava Schrage, Staff Writer

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This year’s senior projects will be presented next Friday, May 31st from 12:00 to 2:00 pm.

Senior projects are presentations that show the work of a student’s internship or activity that they have done throughout the entire year. As this is a graduation requirement, there are many different aspects of this project with all separate deadlines. This includes putting in at least 30 hours of documented work, completing journal entries and forms, and writing a research paper.

One of the many purposes for the senior project program is so that students are able to get a better idea of the career path they want to take by doing an activity in the field they’re interested in.

For more information about what a senior project is, you can access a PDF by visiting the Stonington High School website and clicking “senior project” under the “academics” section at the top.

Students who are not seniors are assigned a classroom to go to with their homebase to watch several presentations. Your assigned room number will be posted next week on the wall next to the credit union.

For more information about the senior project, see Ms. Lamb in the Career Center.

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