Student Government and Class Office Election Results

Story by Ben Fyke, Staff Writer

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Class office and Student Government elections took place this week, deciding the positions for the 2019-2020 school year.

For the Class of 2020: President is Cole Wilbur, Vice President is Alison Marseglia, Treasurer is Claire Anderson, and Secretary is Hope Sowle. Elected Student Government representatives are Ben Fyke, Sampson Casadei, Hope Sowle, Gracie Todesco, Eliza Gilbert, Daniel Robinson, Allie Kappel, Kaira Wiltshire, Evan Boisoneau, and Lily Anderson.

For the Class of 2021: President is Adam Rajab, Vice President is Mahmoud Salha, Treasurer is Rachel Sabbadini, and Secretary is Amelia Caron. Student Government representatives are Ava Schrage, Aytal Malik, Elias Dahl, Taylor Donovan, Cameron Rose, Justin Holland, Mahmoud Salha, Adam Rajab, Olivia Monte, and Celia Moffit.

For the Class of 2022: President is Sophia Fernholz, Vice President is Jameson Griffith, Treasurer is Kiki Longo, and Secretary is Samantha Harris . Student Government members are Ivy Goodman, Kyle Lowry, Kiki Longo, Chloe Morehouse, Dillion Griscom, Lauren Goebel, Mia Lewandowski, Katherine Glenn, Sophia Fernholz, and Sydney Champagne.

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