Freshman Profile: Jason Morse

Story by Emma DeLaRosa, Staff Writer

October 15, 2018

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How do you like high school so far?     "It’s okay. I think I like middle school better." What is your favorite part about high school?     "I like that there are less classes per day and that they’re longer. It ma...

A Hollywood Homecoming

Story by Ben Fyke, Staff Writer

October 11, 2018

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Stonington High School’s Hollywood-themed Homecoming dance will be held on October 20th, the day after the annual football game on October 19th. Ticket sales start on October 15th, which also marks the beginning of Spirit W...

Unified Homebase Takes Field Trip To Camp Watchaug

Story by Colette Dreher, Staff Writer

June 12, 2018

Filed under Showcase, Student Life

The students and peers in a unified homebase at Stonington High School had the opportunity to spend a day in Charlestown, Rhode Island, at Camp Watchaug. A Unified classroom or homebase is composed of students with and without va...

Some SHS students choose to take a more untraditional route

Story by Madison Nelson, Staff Writer

May 7, 2018

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Deciding what to do after high school can be stressful. With many students taking the more traditional route of a four-year college, some students may feel left out or lost when trying to figure out what is best for them. For ...

The Power of Calm

Story by Isabelle Ryan, Staff Writer

May 1, 2018

Filed under Student Life

Trying to deal with the stress of academics, along with the stress that comes along with being a teenager, high school can be a very stressful environment.  It can get to be a lot, but the one thing they do not cover in high...

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