Stephen Sondheim Awards honor Stonington Drama

Story by Christopher Caraballo, Staff Writer

The 3rd annual Stephen Sondheim Awards were held on June 3rd, 2020 via a Facebook live to an audience of about 600 people. The Sondheim Awards are held to honor students and their hard work in their schools’ theatre programs. In SHS Drama’s first year of participation last year, we were nominated for 5 awards: Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Leading Actress, Best Musical, and Best Direction. Our director, the wonderful Erin Sousa-Stanley, won the Best Direction award for her work on “Hello, Dolly!’

This year was different. No Supporting Actor/Actress category, no Best Musical, and no Best Direction. However, we were still honored. Chloe Kolbenheyer, who was nominated in the Best Leading Actress category for her portrayal of Mary Poppins, performed in a medley with the other 9 nominated in the category. Clips from the show were also shown throughout the video, and Erich Phelps could be seen in the virtual opening number. 

With the program also earning 20 Halo Nominations, it’s good to see our hard work paying off. Please continue to support these students and their amazing work.