Lemonade Mouth

Story by Maura Nowak, Staff Writer

Last Friday I watched “Lemonade Mouth,” a Disney Channel movie released in 2011 about a group of high schoolers who meet in detention and end up forming their own band.

As a kid who was not allowed to watch Disney Channel and experience the magic of their original movies, it was fun to view this movie through a modern perspective instead of with nostalgia like people who had watched it in their childhoods might have. “Lemonade Mouth” falls into a typical teen musical drama formula, including an oppressive principal, kids who are not “popular,” and multiple side-plots showing the familial drama of each teen, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not enjoyable.

This movie promotes a good message for young people, which is to speak up and make your voice heard. The movie never really explains what the protagonists want so badly to speak up about, but at least at the end, they’re able to.

The songs, including numbers like “Determinate” and “She’s So Gone” are surprisingly entertaining, especially if you’re a fan of EDM and techno-inspired pop music with copious amounts of autotune. They also take up a good amount of the movie’s 103-minute runtime.

“‘Lemonade Mouth’ is the best movie in all of cinematic history,” comments current SHS junior Marissa Sasso, with whom I watched the movie over FaceTime.