What to Watch on Non-Netflix Streaming Platforms

Story by Sarah Flakus, Editor/Staff Writer

When mentioning streaming platforms with the best new shows and movies, Netflix is probably the first that comes to mind. While it does have great television and movie options, Netflix isn’t the only streaming platform with good binge-watching options. Here are a few recommendations as to what to watch on alternative platforms.

Amazon Prime:

  1. Suits- This show follows the workings of a New York law firm, Pearson Hardman after college-dropout Mike Ross is hired by Harvey Specter, the firm’s top lawyer, without having a law degree. The show focuses on cases closed by Harvey and Mike, and their efforts to keep Mike’s secret safe from all others.
  2. Instant Family- This movie follows the couple, Pete and Ellie as they figure out parenthood after taking in three siblings from the foster care system. It focuses on the rebelliousness of the three kids, especially the fifteen-year-old daughter, and the efforts to become a family.
  3. Big Little Lies- This show follows the lives of three mothers, Jane, Madeline and Celeste, and how an elementary school fundraiser ends in murder. It focuses on each of the mothers’ home lives, as well as the politics of first grade leading up to the tragic event.


  1. Little Fires Everywhere- This show is set in Shaker Hills in the 1990s and follows the Richardson family and the events leading up to the tragic fire that burned down their house. It stars Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington, and it’s an 8-episode miniseries based on Celest Ng’s novel.
  2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine- This show follows the Ninety-Ninth precinct of the New York Police Department. Detective Jake Peralta is an extremely goofy and immature guy, with a great arrest record to make up for those traits. However, when Captain Raymond Holt becomes his new Commanding Officer, he must learn how to follow the rules.
  3. White Collar- This show follows Neal Caffery, a criminal who eluded the FBI for many years. When he ended up getting caught, he made a deal with agent Peter Burke: his freedom for his help catching other criminals like himself. The series focuses on the cases Caffery helps Burke close.

Apple TV

  1. The Morning Show- This show follows Alex Levy and Bradley Jackson who both work on a national morning show. It details their struggles both in their jobs and in their personal lives. The star-studded cast includes Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carell.
  2. The Banker- This movie is set in the 1960s and follows two African-American entrepreneurs that hire a white man to pretend to be the face of the company, while they do all the work behind the scenes. It stars Anthony Mackie, Samuel L. Jackson, and Nicholas Hoult.