“Titanic Rising” gives the bedroom-pop vibes we need right now

Story by Maura Nowak, Staff Writer

If you’re looking for an under-appreciated album to check out, try Titanic Rising, the fourth studio album from musician Weyes Blood released in 2019.

Note the word choice of “under-appreciated” instead of “underrated,” because this album has stellar ratings. It has a score of 8.5 on the notorious music site Pitchfork, which places in in the category of “Best New Music.”

Weyes Blood is actually Natalie Mering, a singer, songwriter, and musician who started writing her own songs at the age of fifteen. She went on to self-release several records before even graduating high school. Her first studio album, The Outside Room, was released in 2011.

Titanic Rising has 10 songs, plus a secret bonus track on the physical copy of the CD called “Titanic Risen.” My personal favorite off the album is “Andromeda,” a gorgeous quasi-ballad that features powerful and emotional vocals over an ethereal assortment of sounds. The hazy, underwater effect is perfectly fitting for the title of the album. The lyrics of this song speak to topics such as uncertainty and the hesitance involved with opening yourself up and allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

While there’s not any crazy genre-switches or wildcards, each song on the album has its own unique sound and meaning. Each adds one piece to what is, put all together, a masterful project.