Journey’s Greatest Hits: An Album Review

Story by Christopher Caraballo, Staff Writer

Journey is one of my personal favorite bands of all time. When it comes to buying albums for me, there is often a few gems and a couple of duds. Rarely is there an album that I believe has an almost perfect collection of songs. Those such albums are usually greatest hits collections, with the exception of “Thriller.”  Journey’s first attempt at a greatest hits album was a complete success, showing their range musically and vocally. Here is my ranking of the songs on the album from worst to best, and my reasoning for their placement. 

15. Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’ – If this is my least favorite song on the album you know the rest of it is amazing. The reason this song is so low for me is due to how little I listen to it compared to the others. Perry’s vocals on this song are still superb, but they don’t blow me away like the other selections. The song itself has a fun sound to it, but it takes about a minute to get into anything interesting. It’s unfortunate that a song has to be last, but to me, this is the song that has to be here. 

14. Only The Young – The opening track on the album is fun, but it doesn’t really scream an ‘opener’ to me. It’s good, but I would’ve chosen any other song to open such a great album. I don’t hate it, but it is definitely in the bottom part of my rankings.

13. Any Way You Want It – I hear this song being played constantly on the radio, and I could never understand why they chose this over so many other gems from  Journey’s catalog. I love the guitar solo in this song, and Perry’s vocals help you feel the groove of the song. However, compared to the others on the album, this is towards the bottom for me.

12. I’ll Be Alright Without You – Now we get into my personal favorite songs on the album. I love how calm the song is, and Perry gives a wonderful performance on this track. The background music is executed perfectly here, and I love the guitar and drums especially. 

11. Be Good To Yourself – The song may seem normal at first, but it quickly picks up into an upbeat tempo during the chorus and it just oozes a classic 80’s sound. The musical interlude and guitar solo take up a majority of the song, and that’s unique in a Journey song, but it’s effective. 

10. Send Her My Love – This song shows off Journey’s ability to create amazing harmonies, which is evident in the “calling out her name I’m dreaming” part. That just so happens to be my personal favorite part of the song. That section leads into a killer guitar solo, which helps make this song a personal favorite of mine.

9. Lights – One of the multiple ballads on this list, “Lights” deserves this rank due to its ability to be slow, but also keep you interested for the entire song. You never get bored of it, and that’s why it comes in at number 9.

8. Ask The Lonely – The chorus of this song is one of my favorite from Journey. I believe this song is almost perfect, however, one thing is keeping it back. The outro of the song just kind of happens, and I don’t feel it does a good job wrapping up such a good song. Other than that, I find myself listening to this all the time. 

7. Open Arms – The second ballad on the album does not disappoint. It’s powerful yet slow sound makes it enjoyable to listen to, and it can be listened to when your happy or a little sad. It’s comforting vocals by Perry help drive its message home, and it makes it an excellent song.

6. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) – This song is such a good pump-up song, and its powerful rock tone helps push its purpose. The song has superb vocals from Perry, who sings lead and some harmony as well. The guitar, keys, and drums are all on point here, making it one of my favorites on this album.

5. Don’t Stop Believin’ – I know, I know, call me crazy, but this is not my favorite Journey song. While yes it is one of the greatest songs of all time, I wouldn’t call it my favorite. Great song, maybe a little overplayed, but still great.

4. Girl Can’t Help It – One word: Underrated. This song is an absolutely underrated gem. The ending gives me chills whenever I hear it. Please, if you have never heard it, listen to it as soon as you can. 

3. Faithfully – This is the best ballad by Journey. By. Far. Perry’s vocals are at their peak in this song, and the piano behind it is beautiful. 

2. Wheel In The Sky – This song brings me a lot of nostalgia, as I used to hear it all the time on the radio. This one is definitely a must-listen if you want to hear some classic Journey. 

1. Who’s Crying Now? – I absolutely love this song. It’s background vocals and instrumentals work hand in hand here, combining to make a masterpiece of a song. The guitar solo is one of my favorites I’ve ever heard on a song, and Perry knocks it out of the park vocal-wise.