A letter to SHS Drama

Story by Christopher Caraballo, Staff Writer

There I was. Standing backstage ready for bows, watching my fellow castmates go out for their standing ovations which they fully deserved. 

It was a surreal moment. I had pictured this exact moment when I was a freshman, but I never believed it would happen. But there I was. I walked out for my bow, gestured to my incredibly talented bow partner, Maggie Welch, and then looked out at the audience. 

I was overcome with a mix of emotions. 

It was such a confusing moment. We had just finished an amazing show to a packed audience, where we had to ADD seats to the auditorium to accommodate for everyone. At the same time, I was extremely exhausted from doing a two-show day the day before.  But most of all, I was overcome with pride. I stood there looking out, seeing everyone who came to support our great program and started to tear up. I had finally finished what I set out to do when I was a freshman. I had done every show I could’ve, and I did it to the best of my abilities. At that moment I was satisfied. I had come full circle.

I turned around to face my amazing cast, which consisted of so many forever friends. Erich Phelps, who worked so hard to master the role of Bert, came out for his bow. I was so proud of all he’d done in high school, and I gave him a big hug when he came back to stand next to me. Then Chloe flew in. I had been in shows with Chloe since I was in middle school. She had grown so much, and I was so happy I got the chance to see it happen. 

We all got together for our cast bow, and then, symbolically, the red curtain closed. It was really over. But as one red curtain closes, another opens somewhere. I am extremely grateful for my time at SHS Drama. Mrs. and Mr. Stanley have truly built something special here. I am forever thankful for all they did for me and countless others. The memories and friendships will last a lifetime. I am forever happy I can call this place my home. Until we meet again, thank you.