Disney Plus Original Capturing the Hearts of Many

Story by Olivia Haberek, Staff Writer

As most people know there is a new Disney original show on Disney Plus called “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” (HSMTMTS). The show is about a group of theatre kids who attend East High School where students are putting on the musical “High School Musical.”

There is currently one season available with 10 episodes, but the show was renewed for Season 2.

The main characters are Nini, who is played by Olivia Rodrigo, Ricky who is played by Joshua Bassett, Gina, who is played by Sofia Wiley, EJ who is played by Matt Cornett, and lastly Ms. Jen, who is played by Kate Reinders.

Throughout the show different friendships grow, relationships change a lot, and they overcome a lot of challenges. Many people would say that the last episode of Season 1 is worth the wait throughout the whole season.

Freshman Kelsea Anderson says of the show, “I love it. It’s so good and very addicting and keeps you wanting more. I like how it’s related to the movie, that’s what interested me in it first.”

Sophomore Carli LoPresto said, “I’m locked in I love it so much. I like the concept of it being the school play”

The season ended with a slight cliffhanger so fans are going crazy about when the next season will return to Disney Plus.

When asked how she felt about the last episode, Nicole Haberek said, “It gave me chills. I felt by the end I had an emotional attachment to the characters. I can not wait for Season 2. I hope the relationships stay the way they are.”

Although some people are frustrated that they can not watch it since you can only view it on Disney Plus, which is a monthly paying subscription like Netflix, this show has some great hype and is loved by many.