Vinyl Record Appreciation Club Meets for First Time

Story by Emma DeLaRosa, Staff Writer/Editor

Thursday, October 3, was the first Vinyl Record Appreciation club meeting, advised by Mr. Nelson.

This club includes students with a passion for music of various genres and plans to meet every other Friday. At each meeting, students can bring in a record of their choice and explain the significance of the album and share the history behind it. For example, for the first meeting, Ethan Lopes shared an album by the reggae band, “Third World.” While not everyone in the group may know of the artist, it is a great opportunity for students to expand their musical knowledge.

Mr. Nelson had the idea for the club because he has his own collection of vinyl records, but was originally unsure if students would want to join. However, students encouraged him to start it and ensured that they and their friends would join. The members include students across all grades who are excited for the rest of the year. They already have exciting plans for making t-shirts, bringing in snacks, and many other ideas for the club.

The club is a good way for students to relax and talk about something that they are passionate about. All those who may be interested are encouraged to join.