Student Spotlight: Sydney Champagne

Story by Emma DeLaRosa and Chris Caraballo

Sophomore Sydney Champagne will star as the mother of David and the wife of Morris in the fall play Enter Laughing. This is her second show, and her sixth overall, at Stonington High School and her first major role in the drama department.

Sydney’s love for drama began in fifth grade. She never expected to fall in love with the art form so much and only joined because it seemed like something fun to do with her friends and she loved to sing. Sydney said she loved, “Seeing the older kids acting and singing, being comfortable with themselves within a different form.” Ever since then, she has performed in every production at Pawcatuck Middle School and has decided to continue this passion in her high school career.

Sydney is extremely dedicated to each role she has. When asked what her favorite part about drama was, Champagne said, “The thing that makes drama so fun is being able to take a break from my own self and having the ability to literally be another person. Being so dramatic onstage in front of an audience is risky, so it’s fun to push myself out of my comfort zone.”

Sydney says, “Drama is completely different than anything I’ve ever done. Everybody who takes part in musical theater becomes comfortable with themselves and everyone around them, and learning the art and becoming comfortable with myself on stage has been an interesting and great experience.” In addition to being an active participant in the drama department, Sydney also sings in the SHS choir and attended many festivals with honor choirs throughout middle school.