All New Englands: an All-Weekend Music Festival

Story by Ava Schrage, Staff Writer

Starting Thursday, April 11th, a select group of students from our high school choir has been chosen to participate in this year’s All-New Englands festival, which is a group of high school chorus students who made it into Eastern Regions and chose to continue singing with other students all over New England.

At this music festival, 500 students from different schools around the area will be performing together in front of many judges and supporters at multiple sites this weekend.

Currently, students are in Hartford getting ready to perform in front of a large crowd at the Connecticut Convention Center. Students from SHS left Thursday morning on the bus and returned home later tonight. In addition to going to Hartford,  they will be traveling up to Massachutes for a several-hour-long performance on Saturday.

According to Erich Phelps, a sophomore here at SHS and one of the few from our school selected to partake in this event, “I find this to be a great opportunity for me to sing in front of so many people and also talk to other students involved in choral programs. I’m really glad to be involved in such a great thing with great people.”

If you have any questions about this festival or how to get involved, contact Stonington chorus teacher Christian Stanley for more information.