SHS Spring Chorus Concert a Success

Story by Ava Schrage, Staff Writer

This Tuesday, April 2nd, was the annual spring chorus concert here at SHS, which took place at 7:00 pm in the auditorium.

The seats on Tuesday night were completely filled, as many supporters of the choral program came to hear the music of many Stonington students. Here at the concert, many Mystic Middle school students from the select choir joined the high school students to sing three songs from the program, “Only Wanna Be With You,” “I Will Arise and Go,” and the classic popular song “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” which contributed to creating a great sound.

The Mystic Middle School students were directed by Mrs. Ellen Gilbert, while Stonington High School was directed by chorus teacher Mr. Stanley, who referred to this concert as a “great success.”

During this concert, many different instruments were used, such as Eliza Gilbert (junior) playing the fiddle and Andrew Connelly (senior) on the guitar during “Galway Girl,” performed by the chamber choir to give a folk-like sound to the song. In addition, local instrumentalist Fred Bretthauer joined the program on an instrument called a hammered dulcimer, which is a cross between a piano and a xylophone. This cool-sounding instrument was played during “Sail Away” and “I Will Arise and Go” with the keynotes.

Not only were many instruments highlighted during the concert, but also many soloists were highlighted during certain songs. Congratulations to soloists Grace Gilbert (senior), Chloe Kolbenheyer (sophomore), and Chloe Buck (senior), as well as many others for doing a terrific job performing.

Erich Phelps (sophomore), a member of Nothing But Acapella, Bearitones, and the chamber choir said, “This was a great concert and I enjoyed all of the songs that we performed, and the sound of the music with all of the instruments was really interesting.”

If you’re interested in music, consider either joining the chorus next year or attending upcoming concerts! If you have any questions about either, contact chorus director Mr. Stanley for more information.