2019 Coffee House a Success

Story by Ava Schrage, Staff Writer

Friday, February 22 was this year’s coffee house event here in the commons of SHS, where there were about twenty different groups of students singing and performing songs using a wide range of instruments, from pianos to piccolos. Many family members and friends came to support those who were participating in this event.

Due to the number of people who came, over $600 was raised for the school. Free coffee and other desserts were serving for those watching, thanks to the parents who offered to buy or bake treats.

This event was organized by Mr. Stanley, the chorus director, and Mrs. Gottlieb, the band director. According to Mrs. Gottlieb, “The evening went extremely well.  I was proud of all the students who performed and who supported other performers.  I was also pleased with the even mix between vocalists and instrumentalists.  There was a large, supportive crowd at one of our best SHS events!”

If you’re interested in music, consider either signing up to perform or showing up to this fun event with your friends next year!