2016-2017 Staff

Hope Murney

Staff Writer

Member of the senior class and Treasure of Student Government Executive Board.

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Rose Williams

Staff Writer

I'm a senior at Stonington High School. This is my first year doing journalism. I spend most of my time with my friends and family or watching Netflix. I am currently not playing any sports but am an employee at Froyo.

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Kaela Ferguson

Staff Writer

Reporting from the SHS Brown and White, I'm Kaela Ferguson class of 2017.

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Janice Wingfield

Staff Writer

Janice Wingfield, senior, reporting to you from SHS.

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Olivia Bayer


My name is Olivia Bayer I'm an SHS senior journalist who loves dogs and spending half my pay checks on concerts.

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Morgan Floyd

Editor/Staff Writer

 Senior, third year journalist, and food lover. I also enjoy long walks on the beach with my dog. 

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